2017 National Coaching Conference

Exciting Program Topics


Athlete monitoring and performance analytics 101
Athletic strength training and skill acquisition
Creating a vision for coaching; A case study from a private youth sports training provider perspective
Developing athlete leadership: In all sports, it comes down to practice right?
Notational analysis/performance analysis: A practice of a winning team
Player-centered coaching using the tactical games model
The NSCA position statement on LTAD and practical applications for coaches

Panel Discussions
Effective learning program design across coach development settings: A panel discussion
From athlete to coach: Transition into coach
How are coaches learning online? The state of informal coach learning evidence, followed by an exploration of swimming coaches’ informal learning behaviors
The future of coaching education in the United States
The role of the strength & conditioning coach in U.S. collegiate sports
Understanding and creating strength and conditioning philosophies for coaches
Understanding and developing culture and coaching success

Better Coaching: Thought Provoking Research to Practice Lectures and Conversation Starters
Back in the game:  How to return to sport after a wear-and-tear injury
Coaches’ and athletics’ contribution to learned helplessness in players
Coaches, climates, field goals and efficacy: A construction of the master-approach to coaching and examination of relationships to psychosocial constructs
Coaching the skill of focus
Coaching to facilitate flow in high-performance basketball
Examining the career path of collegiate head men’s basketball coaches
Exploring the challenges in recruiting and retaining wheelchair athletes
Give her a chance: Women coaching men in collegiate athletics
Integrating mental toughness training into athletic programs
Learn how to manage the after game: Attribution training program effects over elite athletes.
More than a cliché: An examination of team culture & current trends in research
Phenomenological approach to athlete bullying
Plan to win: Positive coaching practice plans and game plans to optimize practices and enhance game leadership
Professional development planning for coaches: A case study of lessons learned
Rethinking practice specificity: The case for a simulation training
Sport coaches as consumers of scholarly works: A conversation starter
Technology use in sport coaching
That’s (not) a nice thing to say! Micro aggressions and micro affirmations in sport coaching
The coach’s role: Recruiting the next generation of coaching talent
The Experience of captaincy in professional sport: The case of elite professional rugby union
The influence of coaches on the performance of athletes: What do we really know?
Understanding youth athletes’ perceptions: An exploration of coaches’ communication style, gender, and coach success

Better Coaching Education: Thought Provoking Research to Practice Lectures and Conversation Starters
Applying team-based learning to a coaching education curriculum: The impact on learning outcomes in an academic coaching course.
Assessing the value of a high performance coach international study tour
Best practices for coach developer-researcher collaborations
Building emotional and social competencies through collegiate sport participation
Connect coaches: Initial findings
Creating value on a peer learning group of disability sport coaches
Effect of gender and experience on sport coach mentoring opportunities
Extend the reach! Leveraging digital platforms to optimize positive coaching education
Learning through networks: The possibilities and challenges of e-learning in coach education
Life success within a profession of work-family conflict
So, you want to coach the “Natural” or “All-Around Athlete”?
Sport specialization trends in high school coaches
Teaching and assessing coaching skills through interactive video learning platforms
The core practices of ambitious coaching: A new approach to coach education
What works in formal coach development programmes, in which circumstances and why: A realist synthesis and realist evaluation of Football Association (FA) coach development provision, in England.

Best Program Practices: Thought Provoking Research to Practice Lectures and Conversation Starters
Building engagement throughout the coach development process
Coaching education and professional development: The role college campuses can play
Coaching education at Georgia Southern University
Considerations for technology courses in undergraduate sport coaching curriculums
Creating and sustaining a successful throwing club
Determinants of fan attendance to collegiate sporting events:  Practical applications for colleges and high schools
Factors that influence identity of student-athletes
Game changing: Coach as therapist
Gauging course efficacy: Strategies for measuring coach education effectiveness
Governing dynamics of coaching
How Coaches Develop: The Proposed Model of Coaching Effectiveness Redevelopment
Performance analysis that matches user learning style
Preparing coaches: Bridging the gap between knowledge and technological application
Proposing the lifetime sport coaching education framework
Sport coaches and administrator perspectives on utilizing a mental skills training coach
Starting and launching a coach development program with limited staff and volunteers

Master Classes –Full list available in March
Pre registration to open in March, classes limited to 20 people, pre-registration required
Designing, implementing, and evaluating coaching education with youth coaches in developing countries
Graduate degree programs in coaching: What is the landscape and what are our goals?
Navigating the NCACE accreditation process
The coach expectancy cycle in action